How to Measure your custom Wallpaper

Measuring your wall is easy. Just tell us the width and height of your wall. If your wall is not simple standard, don't worry! Please read and follow the guide to find out more.


Remember: all we need is the exact width and height of your wall. Do not include skirting boards or cornices. We will also print your wall 3cm larger than the dimensions you provide, to facilitate the installation process.
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Standard wall

Simply measure the full height and width of the wall. We need your exact wall size, so don’t forget to double check the measurements before sending on to us. We only need the dimensions of the surface you wish to cover, excluding any skirting boards or coving.

Wall with obstacles

If your wall has a door, window, or other obstruction, only measure the wall's overall width and height because the obstruction will be removed when hanging. Sending us further information, such as measurements, a picture, or a rough map, will enable us to add the location of the obstruction to your proof image. Easy!


Slanted wall

Measure only the longest and widest portions of a sloped wall or ceiling, ignoring any slopes. The slope is removed during installation after the painting has been installed as a complete rectangle or square from us.

Vaulted wall

Simply locate the longest portion of the wall and take measurements of its width and height if your wall has two slants. Once more, we'll create your mural as a square or rectangle, with the cutaways occurring during installation.

Multiple walls

Simply add the widths of all the walls you want to cover with wallpaper and provide one measurement when placing an order. The mural doesn't need to be ordered in two distinct portions.
Should I give my exact dimensions?

Yes, as we print everything to order, we require the exact dimensions based on the dimensions provided to us. We will then automatically add a 5cm margin to allow for minor measuring errors (mural orders only). We recommend adding a few inches in height and width to ensure you have enough to work with.

What units should I measure in?

When typing in your dimensions, our website can accept meters or feet.

Can I make changes of the dimensions?

We can change the dimensions of your order at any point before payment is made. You can contact us via email: support@walls.ae  Unfortunately, once a mural has been paid for and your image proof approved, we can't accept any further changes.